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The 7HP Ripper Gear Fire Pump with Twin Impellers is a high-performance firefighting tool designed to tackle fires with precision and efficiency. Here are its key features for fighting fires effectively.​​​​​​, The twin impellers in this pump significantly improve water flow and pressure, allowing it to deliver a strong and consistent stream of water to extinguish fires efficiently. This fire pump is suitable for a wide range of firefighting applications, including extinguishing wildfires, protecting property, and assisting in emergency response efforts.


Featuring an 11L fuel tank, this fire pump provides an extended run time without the need for frequent refueling. This larger tank capacity ensures uninterrupted operation during critical firefighting situations, reducing downtime and enhancing overall effectiveness.



7HP 4 Stroke Engine

Fuel Tank : 11L

Recoil Start 

Inlet/Outlet : 50mm Inlet  1x50mm / 2x40mm Outlets

Max Suction Head: 75m

Max Flow : 29,000LPH

Weight: 22KG


7HP High Pressure Fire Pump - 11L Tank

Dispatching Warehouse from Mid December

    NOTE:. Some addresses may incur additional charges due to location, Road Access, Weight restriction, etc. All excess charges will be advised prior to delivery taking place.


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